We build projects that enhance the lives of the people who design and use them. Each project we take on is creatively managed and beautifully built. Our work is a celebration of quality in craftsmanship and caring for the community, now and in the future.

About Our Company

Who We Are

For more than a quarter of a century, S. N. Peck Builder, Inc. has provided Chicago area residents and business owners the very finest in service and craftsmanship in the industry. We are proud to have been recognized by Upscale Remodeling magazine as one of the country’s “Big 50” remodelers, and our work has been featured in Architectural Digest, Inland Architect, Kitchen and Bath Design, Chicago Tribune Magazine, and other publications.
We specialize in architect-designed construction, and architects throughout the Chicago area consistently call on us to serve as builders of their residential and commercial projects. In fact, we are the contractors of choice among many Chicago area architects when they design their own homes.

At S. N. Peck Builder, our obsession with quality, value, and impeccable client service is the result of our desire to produce the finest work possible at a reasonable price. We are here to assist you (and, if desired, guide you) through every stage of the process. We will take the time to really understand your needs and your vision, create a detailed project plan, adhere to a carefully planned work schedule, select and source the ideal materials and finishes, and help you to maximize your remodeling investment.

We enjoy a well-earned reputation for sharing intelligent and sensible advice with our clients, and we have the knowledge, experience, and foresight to anticipate the unexpected, identify and resolve potential problems before they occur, and manage the entire project with the utmost skill, dedication, and professionalism at every stage of the process.

Our commitment to excellence extends to the community and the environment. Chicago is our home, and our roots here run deep and strong. Our LEED AP certified founder, Neil Peck, is honored to serve as President of the Windy City Habitat for Humanity, and our entire staff is dedicated to supporting community enrichment and promoting mindful sustainable living. We are always excited to share our expertise regarding innovative energy-saving options and green building techniques with our clients.

Our Mission

We build projects that enhance the lives of the people who design and use them. Each project we take on is creatively managed and beautifully built. Our work is a celebration of quality in craftsmanship and caring for the community, now and in the future.

— S. N. Peck Builder, Inc.
We are proud to have been called upon to build, renovate, and remodel some of the Chicago area’s grandest residences, from historic landmarks to ultramodern penthouses and lofts – and we are equally proud to have transformed hundreds of more modest dwellings into superior family homes, personal sanctuaries, and dynamic workplace environments that will be enjoyed for decades, even centuries, to come. Above all, we are proud of our outstanding relationships with our clients—relationships that are built on a solid foundation of honesty, integrity, and mutual respect and trust.

Since its inception in 1982, S. N. Peck Builder, Inc. has completed more than 800 major renovations and countless smaller projects, from kitchen and bath updates to deck construction, attic, basement, and garage conversions, an array of maintenance and repair projects, and more. Each project that we take on, no matter its size or scope, is managed and executed with the utmost skill, attention to detail, and care.

Our Experience

Exceptionally Skilled

That same level of mastery and professionalism is also found in our exceptionally skilled carpenters, the meticulous craftspeople we work with, and the seasoned plumbers, electricians, and other tradespeople who join us on each project. They are all guided by a dedicated, knowledgeable project manager who maintains the work schedule, addresses any potential problems immediately, coordinates with our subcontractors and in-house staff to keep everyone (including the client) informed of the project’s progress, and ensure that our high standards of quality and workmanship are met at every step.
All of our staff and subcontractors take great pride in their accomplishments and deeply appreciate the opportunity to produce amazing results for clients who admire true craftsmanship and who respect the team’s ability to consistently meet superlative performance standards.
It is our careful planning, exemplary execution, and ongoing commitment to keeping you, our partner, both fully informed during the process and exceptionally satisfied with the finished result that sets S. N. Peck Builder apart from other contractors. We are eager to share our knowledge, skills, and experience with you and to discuss how we can assist you with your building, renovation, maintenance, or repair needs.
“They are excellent at figuring out what needs to be done well in advance. Custom, complex jobs are managed particularly well. I trust them.”
— David Swan, David Swan, Architect
“They are very fair and reasonable, they communicate very well, and they completed a complicated project very smoothly.”
— Alexandra Earle, client

Meet The Team

S. N. Peck Builder, Inc., is widely recognized as one of the premier upscale building and remodeling firms in the country.


Neil Peck has been building and renovating homes for more than 40 years. He began S. N. Peck Builder, Inc. in 1982 and has completed more than 1000 architect–designed custom projects in the Chicago area. Prior to moving to Chicago and opening his own business, Neil worked in southwest Michigan with his father building and remodeling homes. His commitment to green and sustainable construction methods originated in the 1970′s when he and his dad built solar-heated and passive-design homes. He is currently the President of the Board of Windy City Habitat for Humanity and is a LEED AP, with an advanced knowledge of green building techniques. He has a B.A. in history from Indiana University and has traveled extensively.

Marcia Jo

General Manager
Marcia Hundt joined the company in 2000 with the opening of a second company, Case Handyman & Remodeling of Chicago, which operated successfully for almost 9 years. Prior to returning to Chicago and joining the family business, Marcia worked as a Director for American Classic Voyages both in Chicago and in New Orleans, managing the revenue accounting team for two cruise lines – American Hawaii Cruises and Delta Queen Steamboat Company. She earned her B.S. in Restaurant, Hotel and Institutional Management at Purdue University and worked as a restaurant manager at Walt Disney World’s EPCOT Center in Orlando, Florida as well as for the Levy Restaurants in Chicago before joining American Classic Voyages. Marcia recently celebrated her 15th anniversary to her husband and is the proud mother of a beautiful teenage daughter. Lizzie, her large yellow labrador, can usually be found sleeping in the office by her feet.


Remodeling Specialist
Dave joined the Case team in early 2007 and moved effortlessly into the lead position at S.N. Peck Builders in 2009. With 32 years of experience behind him, Dave brings the highest level of skill to his work as our lead carpenter and remodeling specialist. Learning the basics of his trade throughout the 80′s while working for a general contractor in Arizona, Dave quickly displayed a natural ability as a carpenter. Dave has a passion for his work and really cares about doing the job right everytime! Dave moved to the Chicago suburbs in 1989 where he worked for himself and ran his own business for 18 years before joining our team. Married for over 25 years now, Dave and his wife Patti have a daughter Sydni and son Eric, both in their early 20′s, who keep them very busy. When not building beautiful homes, Dave enjoys spending time with his family and playing on a softball team.


Master Carpenter
Javier is one of S.N. Peck Builder’s original team members! Hired in 1982, Javier has worked as a lead carpenter for S.N. Peck Builder for most of the last 30 years! Starting in construction as a laborer, Javier learned his skills working with many fine carpenters throughout the years and enjoys it all. Now as a master finish carpenter, some of our most beautiful work has been done by Javier. Javier has been married to his wife Marcela for 35 years and has two adult daughters and a dog named Bruce. When not working for us, Javier enjoys going to the racetrack and watching numerous sports.


Tom started with us working for Case Handyman & Remodeling 10 years ago and moved to S.N. Peck Builder when we consolidated both companies. A skilled painter and drywaller, Tom brings a superior quality finish to every project he does. Tom started painting when he was 14 years old when he painted his own house. He learned most of his skills on his own but he gives credit to some wonderful painting contractors he’s worked with over the years for teaching him some specific skills. He learned how to do airless spray painting in the 1980′s and then all his wallpapering expertise was taught to him in the 1990′s. He has also worked independently throughout the years, developing a list of his own loyal clients. Tom says that painting is his passion and it is what he was born to do! Tom owns and lives in the house he grew up in which he shares with “the most adorable tiger-striped cat in the universe.” When not working, Tom enjoys playing fantasy football with a group of old friends and enjoys working in his vegetable garden in the summer.


Project Manager
Mike is the newest and youngest member of our team at only 28 years old! That doesn’t mean, however, that he’s new to the business. Mike has been working construction since he was 16 years old. Learning most of his field skill from his father, he worked in his family’s masonry company for many years and took over the family business for 3 years after his father retired. Mike is, in fact, a licensed mason! While working in his family business full-time, Mike also earned his Bachelor’s of Science degree in 2008 in Construction Management from Bradley University. Married for just over 2 1/2 years, Mike and his wife share their home with their rescued German Shepard, who they drove 10 hours round-trip to bring home! When not working for us, Mike spends most of his free time remodeling his own house – inside and out – and spends all his summer weekends fishing at his family’s lake house.

Established in 1982, S. N. Peck Builder, Inc. was founded by master carpenter Neil Peck as a small contracting firm serving the Chicago area and Northwest Indiana. Now, more than 30 years later, S. N. Peck Builder, Inc., is widely recognized as one of the premier upscale building and remodeling firms in the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an architect?
Although a large number of the projects we undertake—such as additions, whole-home renovations, and other major remodeling projects—do require the services of an architect, many do not. For example, it may not be necessary to involve an architect in a simple bathroom update or the finishing of an existing basement. Your remodeling consultant will be more than happy to talk to you about your unique needs and advise you on whether or not you will need to hire an architect. We’ve worked with some of the best architects in the Chicago area, and we are always happy to provide referrals if desired.
Will I need to pull a permit to execute my remodeling project?
While you won’t need a permit to paint your home or replace your flooring, most major renovations and additions do require permits and inspections in order to be legal and to ensure that they meet current codes. Rest assured that we will identify whatever permits are necessary to complete your project. We’ll also schedule inspections and make sure that everything is approved by the city, township, or county before we sign off on the job.
How can I be assured of getting the most return for my investment with my remodeling project?
Whether you want to maximize your potential return in the form of a higher resale price or you are looking to get the most from your remodeling budget by creating a home or office that suits your changing needs for years to come, we have the experience and knowledge to guide you in choosing the projects to undertake, selecting the right materials and finishes, incorporating energy-saving options, and more. We are always delighted to share our expertise regarding home trends, accessibility considerations, and extended living options, and we can help you to avoid any choices that might not be worth your time or money in today’s real estate market.
Who will actually be doing the work?
This is a very important question to ask of any remodeler, and the answer can mean the difference between an exceptionally satisfying experience and a complete nightmare. S. N. Peck Builder employs its own in-house staff of highly experienced project managers, as well as the finest, most skilled carpenters in the Chicago area. In addition, we have long-standing relationships with exemplary plumbers, electricians, and craftspeople who share our dedication for superior workmanship and who work under the direct supervision of our project manager. Every aspect of your remodeling project is guaranteed by S. N. Peck Builder, and we hold ourselves accountable for the work that our subcontracted colleagues perform.
Will I have to move out of my home while you are working on it?
There’s no getting around the fact that the demolition and construction processes can be noisy, dusty, and inconvenient for anyone who is living in the space at the same time that work is going on. Many of our clients have found it preferable to move out of their homes temporarily while major construction is underway. This is particularly true of those clients who have small children or pets, or those whose allergies, asthma, or other medical condition may be triggered by fine dust particles. Of course, if your project involves the remodeling of a second bathroom, the construction of a deck, or a basement conversion, it should not be necessary to move out. Your remodeling consultant will be more than happy to provide a thoughtful, honest assessment of the difficulties you may encounter while residing in your home during your particular remodeling project and the length of time you may expect the construction process to take. Regardless of whether you stay or not, we take great care to protect and keep clean all areas of your home that are not involved in the remodeling process at all times.
How long will it take to complete my project?
The length of time it takes to complete your unique remodeling project depends on several factors. First is the size and scope of the project: a kitchen or bathroom renovation may take as little as a few weeks, while a whole-home remodeling job may last several months. Other factors, such as materials and finishes to be used, may also affect the length of time involved. If a particular type of marble needs to be imported or custom hardware needs to be crafted, extra time may need to be planned for. Once we have discussed your particular needs and desires, we will be able to provide you an accurate estimate of the time involved to complete your personal project.
How will I be kept informed of the progress on my project?
As our client, we at S. N. Peck Builder consider you an invaluable partner in the remodeling process, and we make it a priority to keep you informed and involved at every step. Your personal project manager is available to you at all times and will keep you updated on our construction progress on a regular (usually weekly) basis. In addition, he or she will notify you of any unexpected issues that arise and will work with you to resolve them and to respond to any questions or concerns you may have along the way. Your project manager will also be on the job site as often as needed to ensure that the work is done to our highest standards and that the project remains on schedule.
Do you guarantee your work?
Yes, we offer a full one-year warranty on all of our work.
I have a general idea of what I want, but I could use some input. Can you help me crystalize my vision?
We love helping clients turn dreams into reality, and we would be honored to participate in your creative decision-making process. We invite you to peruse our portfolio to get an idea of what’s possible, and we welcome the opportunity to offer you our expertise and ideas on transforming your home or office into a beautiful, functional space that meets all of your needs and desires.
Paul Florian
Paul FlorianFlorian Architects
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I admire their honesty, integrity, and straightforward approach. They produce high quality at the right price.
Cody Engle
Cody EngleClient, Lincoln Park
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They give good value and my expectations have been exceeded. They take time to find out what is required in a complex project and bid the job carefully to avoid surprises.
David Swan
David SwanArchitect
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They are excellent at figuring out what needs to be done well in advance. Custom, complex jobs are managed particularly well. I trust them.
Sarah Bartlett
Sarah BartlettClient, De Paul Victorian home
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They’re knowledgeable about historic landmark issues. We are thrilled with the quality of their work.
Fritz Duda
Fritz DudaClient, Gold Coast high-rise
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They deliver timeliness and value. They’re diligent, consistent, fair, and reasonable, and they coordinate with the architect well.
Gary Petterson
Gary PettersonThe Studio Group
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Their follow-through is very impressive due to their project management. They are really good at solving problems.
Alexandra Earle
Alexandra EarleClient, Lake Shore Drive older mid-rise condominium
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They are fair and reasonable, communicate very well, and they completed a complicated project very smoothly.
Fred Wilson
Fred WilsonMorgante Wilson Architects, Ltd.
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They pay attention to detail and are excellent problem solvers. They are excellent.
Leah Wheelan
Leah WheelanLincoln Park Homeowner
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We used S. N. Peck Builder, Inc. to redo our master bedroom and bathroom and couldn’t have been happier with the results. I would give them a ‘110-percent satisfied’ rating and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a contractor. The project was completed on time and on budget, which is a major feat in a home as old as ours.
Stuart Cohen
Stuart CohenStuart Cohen & Julie Hacker Architects
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S. N. Peck Builder, Inc. is very good. They deliver what they say they will—a quality job on time and within budget. I like working with them.